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If you’re a grown-up who works in sustainability and you’ve got 3-8 year old kids around, you’ve been looking for our book Bicycles, Airships, and Things that Go! Order it online or watch the 25-second flip through below. Learn more.


What people are saying:

“The girls loved the illustrations and the discovery on every page—and our 4-year old learned the term ‘wind turbine’!” -parent

I absolutely love it! – E. Cosgrave, co-founder of Sciencegrrls

“I got this for my son’s fourth birthday and it’s a hit!! Love the detailed drawings.” -parent

“there are some really great books that talk separately about recycling or litter or composting or gardening etc., but I haven’t found another one that connects all the dots. ” ( 5 star review)

“On most pages there was a ‘Who-oa! as in ‘How cool!’ and of course they never batted an eye at any of the technologies.” -parent


See and Learn more about the book, including its teaching and learning guide.


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