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Help kids ages 3-8 see the exciting, motivating and entertaining side of a sustainable future. Our books aim to communicate sustainability without being about sustainability.

The Origins of Kids Future Press
Founder AB Thorpe got the idea for the press from her own kids. They loved classic, out-and-about picture books from the 1960s and even earlier—books like Busy, Busy World (Richard Scarry, 1965), Make Way for Ducklings (Robert McCloskey, 1944) and Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel (Virginia Lee Burton 1939).

She also loved these books, but from a sustainability perspective, they were outdated. These books celebrate the heyday of fossil fuels, personal automobiles, road-building, and suburban sprawl, from a time when energy and environmental limits were relatively unknown and climate change was barely understood.

Kids Future Press re-imagines these types of stories against the backdrop of a resilient future that kids will want to explore and create. That’s important because kids aren’t learning about sustainability and resilience soon enough, and its often not portrayed as creative or fun.

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Publisher, AB Thorpe

ab3Thorpe has years of experience in sustainable design and she’s published two illustrated trade books on the topic. She started Kids Future press for books that communicate sustainability without necessarily being about sustainability.


Associate Illustrator, John Aardema

JohnAardema2Aardema is an experienced illustrator with a background in cover illustration, story boards, character development and picture book illustration. See more of Aardema’s work at


Associate Book Designer, Sandra Perry

SP_IMGPerry has more than 20 years’ experience as a graphic designer, primarily in children’s publishing, including BBC Children’s Books. She also has experience with licensed properties, such as from Disney, Warner Brothers, and Marvel. See more about Perry at

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Show your kids resilience in a way they enjoy, with a picture book. flip through the book or order it: Bicycles, Airships, and Things that Go

What's important for sustainability?

From an editorial perspective, here's how we think about it:

  • ecology: ecoliteracy (understanding how nature works) and protecting, restoring and coexisting with the natural systems around us
  • energy: carbon neutrality, people powered transport, renewable energy, energy conservation
  • material efficiency: reduction, recycling, reuse, local sourcing
  • the public realm: public or community places, public transport
  • food systems: organic agriculture, urban agriculture, compost
  • diversity: gender, race and other social markers
  • equity: improve income equality, fair trade
  • distributed systems that are diverse and adaptable: for water and energy infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, services
  • health and happiness: spiritual, physical, and mental. Sometimes tied to a person’s sense of capability (having, doing, being, interacting) and fulfillment of human needs for subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, leisure, creativity, identity, and freedom
  • cultural systems and heritage: collaborative consumption, sharing economy, places of distinction, localism, the slow movement, and so on

Over on our titles page, you'll see how we flag which of these resiliency topics appears in each of our titles.


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